Non-spam emails ending up on Spam

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Non-spam emails ending up on Spam

Post by planck » 2022-10-03 12:20

Hi there,

I have installed spamassasing and it works.
However, there seems to be non-spam emails that end up on Spam folders.

What can I do about it?

How do I lower the thresholds?
Also, can I white-list specific domains?


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Re: Non-spam emails ending up on Spam

Post by jimimaseye » 2022-10-03 15:51

To give us a better understanding of your current setup, run this and post the results: ... 20&t=30914
5.7 on test.
SpamassassinForWindows 3.4.0 spamd service
AV: Clamwin + Clamd service + sanesecurity defs :

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