Unable to send Message. Please verify the E-mail Address

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Unable to send Message. Please verify the E-mail Address

Post by deadliver » 2003-12-09 23:50

My outlook can establish a connection
It finds the SMTP
It find the POP3
It logs in to POP3
It fails to send email:

Send test e-mail message: Unable to send test Mesage. Please verify
the E-mail address field

accounts and password have been checked and rechecked several times

Win2K server is the OS
PHP v4.something
Mysql 3.something


If anyone has any suggestions I am up for them.

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Post by martin » 2003-12-10 00:11

Are you trying to send to a local or remote account?
If not, have you turned on relaying?

Are you using the full email address as username in outlook?
It's not enough with "yourname". it has to be "yourname@yourdomain.com".


Post by Deadliver » 2003-12-10 00:34

username is complete address
I have tried sending email to hotmail and back to itself localling as well.

Under SMTP security I have:

Allow plain text auth
Allow empty sender (i do have mine filled in though)
Relay mail for anyone
Count 0
Delay 0

I verified my ports are all open on my router.

my mx records point directly to my my domain - vowstoc.com
smtp in outlook i am simply using vowstoc.com
pop3 in outlook i am simply using vowstoc.com

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Post by martin » 2003-12-10 01:06

I tried to telnet your computer and I think I found the problem. It looks like you are running Microsofts SMTP server instead of hMailServer? That could explain the problem.

Try it your self:
Start->Run and enter telnet vowstoc.com 25

Your server replies:
220 vowstoc.com Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version: 5.0.2195.6713 ready at T
ue, 9 Dec 2003 18:06:30 -0500

You can stop it of under Start->Settings->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services. I think it's called Simple Mail Transfer Service or something like that. Set the MS service to start manually instead of automatically. (The MS SMTP server can only be used for relaying as far as I know and it definitly can't be used together with hmailserver)


Post by Deadliver » 2003-12-10 02:39

Okay here is my telnet now...i did have the default smtp running..sorry.

220 (SMTP) hMailServer 1.7 - Up since 2003-12-10 00:37:40 (GMT)

Here is my newest little glitche now.

Unable to logon to outgoing SMTP.

I can logon to the POP3..so that is strange.

You are fantastic with the help by the way. I have been search for a POP3 service for a good while now. Thanks ahead of time.




Post by Deadliver » 2003-12-10 02:43

In fact I will make a PDF of how to setup outlook and use hmail on a win2k server if you guys would like?

You were fast and fantastic with the help


here is my working setup for win2k server and outlook

Post by deadliver » 2003-12-10 03:35

This is how I personally setup Hmail on Win2K server and using MS Outlook
Step 1: Default install the Hmail server.
Step 2: Bring up the Hmail Administrator
Step 3: Right click on Domain and add your domain http://www.domain.com [remove www. and what is left
if your domain] Select the Domain is enabled box and leave the Require SMTP Authentication unchecked. SAVE
Step 4: Right click on Accounts and add your account. The account can be pretty much anything
followed by @domain.com. Enter your password and max account size. Select the Account is enabled
button. Unless you know what you are doing do not mark anything in the Active Directory or Filter Tab
on this menu. SAVE
Step 5: Click on the Services menu option and make sure your SMTP and POP3 are running.
Step 6: Double click on Settings menu option an then click on DNS Cache. Select Use hMailServer built-in
DNS cache and leave it set for 4 hours.
Step 7: Double click on SMTP menu option then click on Security. Set Relaying for Relay mail for localhosts
if you are running a webservice. Set Relaying for Never Relay if this is a personal use account. Set Relaying for
local users if your on a private network. These are my best guesses on use as an Hmail rookie. If you select relay
for everyone then then make sure you select Enable ORDB Check from the Open Relay Tab and select Enable
Spamhaus Check from the Spam Tab.
Step 8: Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Services Manager. Turn off your Default SMTP
Virtual Server by right clicking on it and selecting 'STOP'.
Step 9: While we are here find HmailServer-POP3 and HmailServer - SMTP and in each one go to the Recovery
Tab and set First and Second Failure to 'Restart the Service'. Set Subsequent failures to 'Reboot the Computer'.
HMail Setup on Outlook
Step 1: From the Tools menu select E-mail Accounts
Step2: Select Add New Email Account. Click on Next
Step 3: Select POP3 Server Type. Click on Next
Step 4: Enter information on E-mail Settings screen
>Your Name - youremail@yourdomain.com
>E-mail Address - youremail@yourdomain.com
>User Name - youremail@yourdomain.com
>Password - 'account password' from your hMail settings
Step 5 Select More settings. Fill in the reply E-mail field. Click on outgoing servce and check My outgoing
server requires authentication and select Use same settings as my incoming mail server. Check the Log on
using Secure Password Authentication box. Finish the setup.
MX Records
You have to make an MX record with your DNS. Don't do anything fancy such as mail.domain.com etc.

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