Clamav and Hmail 5.4

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Clamav and Hmail 5.4

Postby mtyspider » 2013-07-23 07:55

I have read almost all the post regarding this and i couldn't find a decent instructions for the hmail5.4 server, tried most of the links are dead or totally outdated versions. So please somebody can write up a tutorial or instructions with updated links.

Clamwin it's eating up processor so i am urgently looking to change to clamav. So pls somebody help

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Re: Clamav and Hmail 5.4

Postby darshan93 » 2013-09-10 08:47

Exactly how much of the processing percentage is the clamwin using, and which operating system are you using ?, because im using Windows Server 2012 and its working fine, its even filtered email with viruses.

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