Multiple SMTP servers

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Multiple SMTP servers

Post by soler1 » 2010-11-09 05:43

Starting a new discussion from an existing tread per mattg.
Previous thread: ... 92#p118192

mattg wrote:
Yes you can use both on same server, but not the same port. Only one program can use port 25 on a single computer.

In your instance i would set up another computer (perhaps even a VM) with IIS SMTP or hmailserver installed, and use it for your mass mail out.
DooM wrote:
I use two servers both with hmail on to send out mass email and keep regular mail flowing.
Thanks mattg and DooM. I want to make sure all mail goes out from one public IP which my PTR points to. Can I use multiple boxes with their own instance of hmailserver and direct all traffic out of the one server? I currently have two mail servers but only use one. I'd like to use them both but I'd prefer not to set up a new PTR going to the other mail server. I'll do that if I have to but is there a better way to do that?

Thank you.

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Re: Multiple SMTP servers

Post by mattg » 2010-11-09 05:59

If both machines are on the same LAN, there is no issue is there?

If not the smae LAN you will only need to modify your SPF.
A PTR record is not necessary for a mailserver, but if you have one then yes you could setup another PTR for the other IP address

'to direct all traffic out of one server', isn't that what you want to avoid?
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