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bad or malformed request - UID failed

Posted: 2004-07-26 07:14
by polarunion
has anyone experienced this problem? and no - not the blurring. If the server has been on for a while - without a restart, empty messages appear as you see in this photo. when i go to retrieve them, squirrelmail returns an error message stating

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ERROR : Bad or malformed request.
Server responded: UID failed

error found with hmailserver RC 30 - integrated db, and SM mod for hmailserver = version 1.4.3a

error goes away when hmailserver is restarted - soft boot.

Posted: 2004-07-26 11:32
by martin
Uhm, sounds like a bug. :-\

Will do some tests and see if I can repeat it myself.

(the RC in the hmailservers version stands for Release Candidate. If the version is stable, its no release candidate. and build 30 is "stable") :)

Posted: 2004-07-26 14:16
by polarunion
i've experienced this for a while and have been trying to do whatever it is to reproduce it myself - however, like i said, it takes a while for it to begin to behave this way. which logs other than the smtp logs would you feel would help pinpoint this problem for you? I'll activate them later today and keep a closer eye on things so that I can catch it the next time around.

thanks for clearing up the rc/build. wasn't quite sure of the difference.

Posted: 2004-07-26 15:07
by Cheator
Hmm.. perhaps its just you. I've left it up and running for a while with no such problem frmo any user and I often use the latest available hmailserver version.

You ARE using Windows 2k acording to netcraft so it could be the way it handles the server thread. I often had alot of problems with the service ending back when hmail was in 2.0 and was using win2k and not server.

Posted: 2004-07-26 15:24
by polarunion
netcraft is wrong. i'm using xp pro. also what would you suggest i do if it's as you say - just me?

cheator, if you want to know how my server is configured - just have a look at the manual that i wrote based on my setup.

update: with further tests - it is not a system wide problem. currently it's appearing in just one of my accounts and not the others - though never the same account each time. i rebooted last night so i'm suprised that it's acting up right now.

Posted: 2004-07-26 15:34
by Cheator
wow, I'm lost then. I never had problems with XP Pro as a server. As for waht to do, have you tried remaking your database? Or at least trying to repair it? That was the casue of another set of problems I had, but iwth win2k though.

Posted: 2004-07-26 23:44
by martin
Polarunion. If it just happens to one of your accounts, the next step would be to check what differs this account from others:
1) Is this account using the server more than the other accounts?
2) -- -- using another email client?
3) -- -- using POP3 combined with IMAP?
4) How often does it happen?

Posted: 2004-07-27 05:58
by polarunion
there are no pop accounts being used, it can happen to any account at any time, and occurs only once every few weeks. I haven't seen this in my account in about two weeks and it only just appeared. one of my users emailed me about it just the other day. all other accounts seemed normal.

i'm trying my best to find a pattern here, but since it happens so sporatically and so rarely, it's hard to pinpoint anything.