Remote User Administration

Use this forum if you have problems with a hMailServer script, such as hMailServer WebAdmin or code in an event handler.
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Remote User Administration

Post by matty » 2005-10-18 22:20

First off, I apologize for the length of this post! If you are a geek like me, read on because I think it is an interesting problem.

I am running hMailServer 4.1.1-B139 with MS SQL 2000. I am looking to add the ability for my clients to add/edit their hmail accounts to an existing ASP system where our clients already manage aspects of their hosting accounts with us. I know the php admin has most of what I need but as I said there is an existing ASP system - and this system is not on the same server as hmail. Also, my database is running on a third server. I had several ideas but I am not sure if any will work and which is the best option.

1) Is it possible to call the COM Object from a remote web server on an ASP page? Meaning hMail is on one server and my ASP page is on a different one - and that ASP page somehow remotely creates the COM object on the other server. Years ago I remember reading about DCOM which I think made something like this possible but I don't know much about it.

2) Create an web service running on the hmail server that I can then access via my ASP web application on a different server. The web service could call the hMail COM object to perform tasks.

3) Install another copy of hmail server on the actual web server that is currently running my ASP account management program. Since the DB is running on a different server - I thought maybe I could use the COM object through ASP pages on this server. I would not use the hmail admin, just the COM and the database would stay in synch since I could point it to the existing DB. I am not sure if this might screw up my working hMail installation though.

Any thoughts on which idea(s) might work and which seems like the best one?

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