Spamasasassin error message

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Spamasasassin error message

Post by bigzero2201 » 2019-08-11 13:07

When I tried and do a update to spamassassin I get the below error

C:\sa>sa-update.exe --nogpg
Error: cannot load shared library 'C:\sa\spamd.exe'

I have been searching for a fix for this and haven't found one running windows server 2003 standard


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Re: Spamasasassin error message

Post by Dravion » 2019-08-11 16:17

This means SA cannot find a required DLL File.
Check log files of SA or take a look at Windows Eventlog for Side,by Side Errors and maybe you find out which DLLis missing or not visible in Lib path or PATH Env varable.

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