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The convenience of forum

Posted: 2019-07-12 05:08
by leaderrealvn
Now that I've visited (and logged into) this forum a number of times, I've got a suggestion for improvement which some might appreciate. On the login page (which you must visit each time you post a topic or reply, if you don't save your login info), you have to click or tab to the username field to begin typing. Setting the cursor (or setting focus) to this field when the page loads would be nice, and there's a very easy method for it!

Here's one way that I've used in the past:

<script type="text/JavaScript">
function setfocus() {

Looking at the page source, I didn't see any other javascript, and don't know if you have anything against using it. Perhaps there is a PHP or HTML solution if you don't want to use JS.

Just a request for the convenience of forum users.