Windows 32 and 64-Bit Memory max limits

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Windows 32 and 64-Bit Memory max limits

Post by Dravion » 2018-05-12 14:08

All Programs on Windows have some sort of max. RAM Memory limits

In recent Versions of Windows 7/8/10/2012/2016 there is a maximum Limit of 2 GBytes for any 32-Bit Application, regardles if this is a
Desktop GUI-App or a Background Windows Service. There is only one exception: If a 32-Bit App on Windows is intentionally compiled with the
/3GB Linker switch in Visual Studio and if the Windows Operating System has AWE Executionmode enabled. Regarding hMailServer: There is
no /GB3 AWE enabled release avaiable or planned.

Heapdata is the dynamically allocated portion of RAM Memory which is used for normal Application operations (in hMailServer terms, connection from and to SMTP-Server, SMTP-Clients, POP3/IMAP-Connections, SQL-DB Operations, Backup Operations, Encryption and COM-API Stuff, ect.

If you plan a hugh Mailsite, hMailServer is not ready for it right now, but for midsize and smaller projects its one of the best Solutions avaiable
for Windows right now.
64-Bit builds of hMailserver

hMailServer-5.6.+ (HCD)
hMailServer-5.6.+ (LTS)

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Re: Windows 32 and 64-Bit Memory max limits

Post by mattg » 2018-05-13 07:31

hMailserver 5.7 (in alpha) has a 64 bit version ... ilServer57
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