Typical Officeworker Output in Germany per Month

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Typical Officeworker Output in Germany per Month

Post by Dravion » 2018-01-16 16:41

Just reading some stats:

92 % of them using Microsoft Office (mostly on Windows, no Thunderbird), sending 600 Emails,
typing 20 Word Documents, 4 Excel Calcs and 4 Powerpoint Presentations per month.

And Microsoft wants to force any MS-Office user to use the dammed Office 365 Cloud Office Version!
Its hard to find the normal version of it which doesnt require abo or shitty cloud and MS-Account mandatory.
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Re: Typical Officeworker Output in Germany per Month

Post by mattg » 2018-01-17 01:10

So that is 4 weeks and 20 work days per month (give or take)?

30 emails per day, 1 word document per day, 1 excel / PP each per week.

I can see some productivity issues in that
(But it is likely close to what I see in Australia too I guess)

I agree it is hard to change the corporate world away from MS Office. For all that we don't like about it, it does 'just work' when all used together.
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