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CalDav Server?

Posted: 2010-01-01 19:30
by benn600
Does anyone know of a CalDav server for Windows? I have found several for Mac/Linux but my primary server that I keep running all the time is Windows Server. I would like to setup iCal and our iPhones to use CalDav to allow sharing of calendar info and server localization of the data.


Re: CalDav Server?

Posted: 2010-01-01 21:59
by sheffters
maybe try never used it, but seems to be the only free implimentation I can find ... assuming you want free.

If not, then try


Re: CalDav Server?

Posted: 2010-01-02 02:06
by mattg
I use Sharepoint 3.0 to do this.

I have also previously enabled WebDAV on my windows server and stored calendar information in it, and I had also used PHP-Calendar -

I also use Google calendars and the iCAL format with some auto-uploaders. This works well. I can see Google calendars in Thunderbird (Lightning), and Mac users can access it too.

I find the easiest solution for me is to use Sharepoint 3.0 (not MOSS) plus Outlook 2007, but then I create calendar information with a series of Excel spreadsheets, that gets imported into Outlook, and therefore shared via Sharepoint.

Sharepoint 3.0 is a no-cost add-on for Microsoft Server software...Google Calendars are also no-cost.