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Wich DB to choose

Posted: 2009-04-29 11:22
by maggiore81
I am unsure about wich database to choose for a rock solid (eternal) hmail installation.

Till now I have used 4.4.x with internal mysql db, then I upgraded to latest 5.1 build and I kept the mysql db.

I prefer a separated sql (as in this case mysql) because I can run diagnostic tool on it. I fear that MSSQLCE can lose some data if it becomes corrupt since I dont have any diagnostic tools.

I use sqqyog to access MySql and do maintenace if needed.

On Ms SQL I could use the classic Enterprise Manager or equivalente from MS to access it and rebuild indexes, check tables etc etc.

MySql is free so I can implement it without any costs.
MsSql is expensive but I could event use the Express release but it has some limitations.

I don't have any big mailservers now, but I have planned to concentrate the mail of some separated boxes to one large server with all domains in it. (see the other post called "old server in production again".

Since I have at least 4gb of RAM (8gb in an other case, but all x86 systems) I could use all of it with mysql 5.x and with MS SQL 2005/2008 standard edition.
I like ms sql because I know how to build mainentance plans on the db and run it weekly (check for errors, free unused spaces, rebuild indexes etc etc).

What can you suggest?

If licenses are not a problem, since for testing purpose I can use ms maps subscription, what chould be the final solution to implement?

thank you

Re: Wich DB to choose

Posted: 2009-04-29 21:12
by Keba
I was fairly certain you could run the same maintenance scripts against mssql express as you run in standard/enterprise - the only difference being the lack of sql agent and the maintenance wizard...

I could be wrong, but I seem to remember that you can use scheduled tasks to automate running the required scripts on a regular basis to provide the same functionality. It might be worth looking into.

Personally I use mssql standard, but then I use it for more than just hmail, and needed some of the other functionality that express can't provide.

Re: Wich DB to choose

Posted: 2009-04-29 22:19
by maggiore81
thank you for your answer.

I also knew (but I never tried it) that I could run the same scripts of Sql 2005 standard against Sql 2005 express, from the command line or manually.

The express version is limited though. To use all the potential of the servers (two cpu and 4gb ram) I need the standard version.

I don't think that using Sql 2000 standard of 2005 is a lot different (just for hmail)

Re: Wich DB to choose

Posted: 2009-05-18 02:07
by westdam
ciao, ti rispondo in italiano poi traduco velocemente in inglese

io uso hmailserver con un mssql express edition ma in un ambito limitato. Se necessiti di sfruttare appieno il tuo hardware ti suggerisco la versione standard però come sappiamo costa notevolmente.
Proverei prima con la express poi casomai farei l'upgrade alla standard..

non ho provato la 2008 , non so dirti quale sia più veloce.


english :

i suggest to use the standard version if you want to use all of your hardware potential.
anyway try to the express version and then the standard one.

dont know if the 2008 version is faster than 2005

Re: Wich DB to choose

Posted: 2009-05-18 08:55
by maggiore81
And what about My SQL 5.1 community edition? It should be immune to any limitations.
I use the mailserver on a Dell PE2550

Win 2000 Server SP4
2xPentium III 1000
4gb RAM
C 10Gb OS
D 4,5Gb DB
D 20gb hMailServer DATA

Now I have installed SQL 2005 Express SP3 and works fine, but I would like to exploit at maximum my hardware.
Windows 2000 licenses are included (oem) with the server but I don't have any SQL 2005 Standard licenses suitable for production enveroniment, but just for internal use and testing purposes.
Sql 2005 Express can go on 2-way CPU and can use 1Gb RAM (I think that when SQL uses 1gb ram for Hmail I need to change server :) )

So I can choose between SQL 2005 Expr or MySQL 5.x

Consider that I have just a grand-total of 500 account and about 10 domains, no IMAP just SMTP and POP3. ClamAV is installed on the same machine. I just want to put in production one machine completely dedicated to hmail and the mail service. On this machine there is just Windows 2000 SP4 with all the latest updates, the Dell Management console, and hmail + DB. Nothing else.
It is protected by and edge firewall and with IPSec filters directly on the machine.

Hearing from you soon.

Mr. Spadoni

Re: Wich DB to choose

Posted: 2009-05-22 11:26
by westdam
500 users and 10 domains?
your hardware is enough for me..but i prefer mssql instead the mysql.

in the past with mysql ( myisam ) i've got corrupted table . with msssql 2005 express no error so far ( 2 years ) . I think mssql 2000 should be fine.

what about mysql with innodb?did you try?

Re: Wich DB to choose

Posted: 2009-05-22 11:37
by maggiore81
thank you for your answer.

I tried till now MySQL 4.x (integrated in hmail) and I had one table corrupted (greylisting) after a bad power-off.
I repaired it with success.

If I Use Ms Sql, I will use the free edition 2005 Express SP3 that runs on Windows 2000.

I think that sql 2005 express could be ok.
I will put the db on a separate partition of 4,5Gb Size (max db size for sql 2005 expr is 4gb).