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hMailServer, IMAP and Outlook

Posted: 2005-03-15 17:02
by thomasragos
I always liked the feature of Microsoft's Exchange Server that offered centralized storage of all emails received and sent...

IMAP seems to be an excellent protocol for centralized storage of incoming email messages. Unfortunately, though, a user cannot store the messages he/she has sent on the IMAP server.

Well, while Googling, I came across this article at Microsoft's site: ... US;q198854
I found it very useful and I just wanted to share it with the community. I know it's restricted to Microsoft Outlook 2000+, but...

I hope it turns out to be useful for others too.



P.S. Forgive me for my poor English...

Re: hMailServer, IMAP and Outlook

Posted: 2005-03-15 23:24
by TheAngryPenguin
thomasragos wrote:Unfortunately, though, a user cannot store the messages he/she has sent on the IMAP server.
What exactly do you mean? I have no problems storing sent messages with hMS via IMAP. Drafts, Templates and Trash don't have any problems either. All that's required is the proper mapping of one's e-mail client's IMAP folders. If your client doesn't support changing this (maybe Lookout 2000 doesn't, but I'm certain that Lookout XP and 2K3 do), it's probably time for a new client.

If you're talking about migrating POP3 users to IMAP, all you really have to do is add the IMAP account to their client and move (eg. drag & drop) all of their messages from their local folders to the IMAP folders.

Posted: 2005-03-16 02:12
by gruenie
No, dear FunnyPenguin ( sorry :) ), you are absolutely wrong as far as I know:
There is absolutely NO WAY for Outlook 2000 and later (including 2k3) to store outgoing messages "normally" in a (Server-)IMAP-folder as the simple Outlook is able to do.
The only way to do/fake it, is the way thomasragos told us by sharing the MS-Link in the post above.
You can do it by using this "trick". You can use a rule to tell Outlook 2k and above to send a copy of each outgoing mail to "another point", this other point could be your IMAP-send folder. Than you can use a additional rule to tell Outlook 2k++ NOT to store outgoing mails in the local user folder (xxx.pst - file).
Thats it!
As far as I know, there is absolutely NO WAY to do same things with deleted messages and a IMAP-trash-folder or with drafts. Both are stored in the local folders as angry the Penguin could be or not, no way out! :lol:

More than this.
It isn't as simple as it should be to delete a message permanentely from the IMAP Inbox. If you try to delete it, the messages are only marked as to delete (crossed out). You need to know, find and press an additional button to delete them permanentely or you have to write/know a macro to do that for you.
You are not able to delete/hide the "local folders" at all and you are not able to tell Outlook w2k++ to open one IMAP-folder on startup. Whatever you do, first you see are the local folders, which nobody wants if using IMAP.
Don't ask me why.

So far... Gruenie

Posted: 2005-03-16 04:43
by TheAngryPenguin
Hmm... About once every year, I revisit Lookout and try to live with it for more than an hour. I could have sworn that I got it to save my sent messages to an IMAP folder the last time I tried it. Oh well -- this is yet another reason to wait longer, if at all, until my next revisit. I can't believe that people are actually paying for an e-mail client that doesn't fully support IMAP. Then again, I'm sure that most people use it with Exchange which in itself is a whole other story. Sometimes I wish Evolution was ported to Win32. For the time being, I am very happy with Thunderbird. Now that the Mozilla Foundation will be putting more development into it, it just might become the next Lookout killer!

Posted: 2005-03-16 20:30
by john25uk
Sorry to point out your wrongness :)

I use Outlook Express and Thunderbird for email at the moment and they both store the sent messages ON the IMAP server, with Thunderbird there is a options for where to store Sent Items, Trash, and Drafts, and all three can be on the IMAP server. Also as far as I can remember, Outlook works the same was as OExpress and stores the sent message on the server, as long as you use the IMAP account.

There is also a setting in Thunderbird so you can delete the message immediatly, move them to trash, or just mark them for deletion. Outlook Express markes them for deletion, and then can be set to purge/expunge on exit, or you can click the button to do it now.

Good job too as IMAP is used for one account on five machines, which everyone hops around on so needs to access sent, draft and recieved messages from each.


Posted: 2005-03-17 15:33
by thomasragos
Dear John,

I know Outlook Express can be configured to store sent messages on an IMAP folder, by simply changing the account properties.

For Thunderbird I can't express any doubts since I'm not familiar with it.

However, in Outlook I am not able to find similar settings.

If you (or anybody else) is aware of how to store sent messages on the IMAP server without using rules in Outlook, I would be grateful if step by step instructions are provided.

Thanks in advance...

Posted: 2005-03-17 15:46
by ric melia
i'm not sure that this will be of use, but ... upxp.shtml has a section on subscribing to IMAP folders about 3/4 down the page (after step 17)

maybe you need to tell Outlook to subscribe to Inbox.Sent ?

Posted: 2005-03-17 15:56
by thomasragos
Dear ricmelia,

From my point of view (and ignorance) it seems that the folders mentioned in the linked tutorial are created on the IMAP server by the administrators (or the administrator's interface).

Storing the sent items on the "Inbox.Sent" IMAP folder also seems to be handled by the server, perhaps through some sort of filter on outgoing messages.

As far as I know, hmailserver cannot apply such filtering on outgoing messages.

If I'm mistaken in any way feel free to point it out.