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account just ceased on me

Posted: 2004-10-31 00:49
by polarunion
my postmaster account just died out of nowhere. one day i just stopped recieving mail. i can send from it but i can't recieve. i look at the logs and the message says it's been deliverred but it doesn't display in either outlook, thunderbird or SM.

i'm totally stumped.

All other accounts are working fine.

i deleted the account and created a new account with the same name. still problem persisted.

i created a new account under a new name - problem gone.

hmail was restarted.

i disabled ASSP and forwarded ports back to normal.didn't work.

now i'm totally stumped. any suggestions?

hmailserver 3.3 Build 53 - existed in build 52.

winxp pro
clamav 0.38?
assp 1.1

Posted: 2004-10-31 00:59
by martin
Strange.. I'm not sure I really understand you though.. :)

Has an error log been created under \Program Files\hMailServer\Logs ?

Does non-postmaster accounts work?

First, the problem was solved when you created the new account. Then it stopped working again when you disabled ASSP? Right?

Could you post a log of a message delivery?

Posted: 2004-10-31 02:28
by polarunion
sorry, i didn't mean to confuse. the account has ceased and i have not been able to get it working again regardless of anything that i have done with assp - deleting and recreating, etc.

messages seem to be delivered as the size of the account in the hmailadmin goes up as i send more mail - but nothing is displayed in any mail program.

it is just with the i have created another email - and it worked fine. so something is glitched and not totally erased or something when the account is deleted and recreated.

i'm heading out to a halloween party - i'm sorry i can't dive into this at the second but i'll play around some more tomorrow to do some more troubleshooting.

ps. in brief just to cover your questions.
nothing unusual in logs. everything is deliverred fine with or without assp on.
second the problem was not solved when the account was deleted and recreated.
assp was disabled throughout all of this so i know for sure that it has nothing to do with it.

thanks again martin. so far so good though lately! haven't seen me around here in quite a long time.

Posted: 2004-10-31 02:34
by polarunion
Error Log - Complete

"ERROR" 1772 "2004-10-30 16:28:35.785" "Error when connecting to database. Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061) Run hMail Administrator and check your database settings."
"ERROR" 1772 "2004-10-30 16:28:35.805" "EventLog: MySQLRecordset::Open(select * from hm_dbversion) failed
"ERROR" 1772 "2004-10-30 16:28:35.815" "EventLog: MySQLRecordset::GetLongValue() failed
"ERROR" 1772 "2004-10-30 16:28:35.815" "EventLog: Error when connecting to database
Database is to old or for new for this software. Run hMailServer Database configuration to upgrade it."
"ERROR" 1772 "2004-10-30 16:28:35.825" "EventLog: Exiting: Application::InitInstance - Database initialization failed."
"ERROR" 3528 "2004-10-30 16:55:04.715" "EventLog: MySQLRecordset::GetDoubleValue() failed
"ERROR" 628 "2004-10-30 17:56:13.601" "EventLog: MySQLRecordset::GetDoubleValue() failed
"ERROR" 3380 "2004-10-30 17:56:51.726" "EventLog: MySQLRecordset::GetDoubleValue() failed
"ERROR" 3696 "2004-10-30 18:11:06.865" "EventLog: MySQLRecordset::GetDoubleValue() failed
"ERROR" 1796 "2004-10-30 18:14:47.052" "EventLog: MySQLRecordset::GetDoubleValue() failed

and check your mail for the delivery log.

Posted: 2004-10-31 13:54
by martin
I can't understand why it only affects one of the accounts since hMailServer never really look at the account names. Could you try to send a message to the account and then check in the data\\postmaster folder if the message exists there?

Did the problem exist in build 52 as well? Or did it appear when you upgraded to build 53?

(I have fixed the "MySQLRecordset::GetDoubleValue()" error in build 54, but it shouldn't matter.)

Do the following:
1) Upgrade to build 54: ... ild-54.exe
2) Turn on imap, application and debug logging.
3) Delete the old log
4) Restart the server
5) Try to log on with your email client.
6) Post the log to me in a private message.

I was going to put up a new stable version of 3.3 this weekend but will wait untill this issue is resolved.

Posted: 2004-10-31 21:25
by polarunion
ok. i'll get on it first thing tomorrow morning. thanks M.

Posted: 2004-11-01 21:55
by martin
myself wrote:I can't understand why it only affects one of the accounts since hMailServer never really look at the account names.
I was wrong...

Some time ago, I discovered a bug that made the server loop when delivering messages. The problem was that somtimes the server sent automatic email messages from the address To prevent these messages from looping ("server sending email to itself"), I added a check to just throw away all messages addressed to postmaster@. I must have been tired that day... Specially considering that there's RFC's that specify that all domains should have a postmaster@-address.

I have alredy changed the implementation so that all automatic emails are being sent from instead of postmaster@. Now I have removed the code that just ignores messages to postmaster...

If you send an email TO it will just disappear to prevent messages from beeing looped. Don't think this will make anyone sad. ... ild-54.exe