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Posted: 2004-08-21 19:05
by andrewheard
Is there someway that someone could relay mail to me on Port 24 or anything but Port 25. I believe that Martin said this would somehow be possible with 3.3 or something.


Posted: 2004-08-21 23:28
by andrewheard
I have found out that I can switch to a commercial plan with my ISP that does not block any ports and I don't even have to break the AUP to have servers. How much do you guys pay for internet? I pay $44.95CDN for 5Mb/s down and 640Kb/s up. I'll be paying 5 dollars more for the commercial plan.

Posted: 2004-08-22 05:16
by polarunion
with who?!
i'm on rogers. it's good when it's working. it changes ip's on me once a year though at least and this causes some bad downtime. they don't have an option for static and the comercial is 80 instead of 40. hardly worth it.

Posted: 2004-08-24 16:48
by andrewheard
I'm with cogeco cable. They have awful cable tv (epressvu user) but their internet is great. They say it has a dynamic ip address but it hasnt changed since I first got it. The regular commercial price is $59.99 but if you agree to keep it atleast a year its $49.99. Does rogers block any ports on you? Cogeco only blocks port 25 on the residential plan.