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SMTP Gateway Authentication

Posted: 2004-08-07 16:57
by Greg

My ISP (Earthlink) will allow me to send outgoing email using one of their email servers as a gateway, but in order to do this it requires me to authenticate with my Earthlink username and password.

Is there some way to configure this in hMailServer? Under the Advanced tab of the SMTP settings I have put in the address of the Earthlink mail server, but it still does not work. I am assuming this is the case because I have not entered any authentication information.

Can you help:?:

Posted: 2004-08-07 23:26
by martin
This is currently not possible. :(

Posted: 2004-08-07 23:36
by Greg
Thanks - perhaps in a future version?

Posted: 2004-08-08 11:13
by martin
Yepp, it will most likely be added in 3.4

Posted: 2004-08-08 20:23
by polarunion
good stuff.. i could really use this feature to get around the AOL block. it's rediculous that they've blocked all dynamic IP's.

anyone have any suggestions for a good cheap static IP in the ottawa, Ontario region? think there was another guy from ottawa in here... hmm.