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Post by Ralph » 2006-08-30 01:54

I am creating an installation guide (which I don't mind providing a copy of when it is completed) and wanted to clarify the following:

Assuming HMailServer was installed for the first time and new users need to be created, what do each of the following do.

Heading - Domains

1) Under the General tab, assuming the domain has been inserted, what is the catch-all address and what needs to be inserted?

2) What is the max message size for?

3) What is the Names tab for?

4) When adding a new account, what is the Administration Level dropdown menu for and what do each of the options do?

5) What is the auto-reply tab for?

6) Under the rules tab, what is the name field for and what rules can you create? Can it be used to block spam at a domain level for example?

7) When do would one use the alias tab?

8 What is the active checked option for? Does it work only at the domain level or does it work at the user level?

9) What is the distribution list for?

10) What address do you fill in?

11) What is the option require SMTP authentication for and how does one use it?

12) What is the require sender address for?

13) What is the Members tab for?

Heading - Settings - Protocols

1) Under the tab/node SMTP, why would a user want to limit the number of SMTP connections?

2) What is the welcome message textfield for?

3) What is the max message size textfield for?

4) Under the tab delivery of email, what is the number of retries for?

5) What host name would one use?

6) What is the SMTP relayer for?

7) When would you select server requires authentication?

8 Under the advanced tab, what is the delivery threads for?

9) What is the option use database delivery log for?

10) What is the rule limit loop for?

11) Under the option antivirus and the tab external anti-virus, what is the return value textfield for?

12) Under the node spam protection, what is the option use SPF and allow plain text authentication for?

13) What is the tarpitting option for and what do the count and delay textfields fo?

14) What is the routes node for and when would one use it?

Heading - Backup

1) How do you automate the backup process so it occurs say at the end of every day at 6 p.m?

2) How does the restore function work? What does it restore?

Heading - Advanced

1) What is the cache option for and what are the domain and account textfields for?

2) What is multihoming for?

3) When do you use IP ranges?

4) When would you use a mirror?

5) When would you use scripts?

Heading - Utilities

1) What is the MX-Query textfield for and when do you use it?

2) What is the server-sendout option for and when do you use it?

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Post by Slug » 2006-08-30 03:39

Hi Ralph

Most if not all of what you asked can be found here. ... e=overview

If after you have read this you have further questions then please post back, the people here are very helpfull.....

Missing Hmailserver ... Now running Debian servers

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Post by Ralph » 2006-09-01 03:04


Thanks for that. I'll go through the existing documentation

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Post by Ralph » 2006-09-01 03:40


I went through the documentation on the HMailServer website however there isn't any documentation covering distribution lists, how to set them up, what they are for, etc.

Can anyone help?


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Post by cveillon » 2006-09-01 05:59

There is documentation for distribution lists. See: ... butionlist

If you know about Linux aliasing, then in a nutshell...

a distribution list is like settting up Linux aliases that are meant to be forwarded to more than one email address. An 'alias' for hMailserver is when only one email address is being forwarded to.

For example, I can setup an alias in hMailserver to deliver emails from to go to Joe Blow's email address - (or for that matter).

A distribution list is when you need emails that are going to single email address to be delivered to multiple people/email addresses.

For example, you can setup a distribution list for to be delivered to,, and

Get it?

Hope this helps! :)

with best regards,
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Post by Ralph » 2006-09-12 01:19


Thanks for that. That makes sense.

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