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No mail body when reading mails with hwebmail

Posted: 2004-07-20 04:05
by Yoshy
I`m running hmailserver on a win2k pro box. I`m using a package from Foxserv with Apache, PHP and MySQL. I was running version 2.0 of hmailserver but i had a funny problem: If i sent a mail from hwebmail the body dissappeard when the recipient tried to read it with outlook, and that was my only problem. Since a new version were available i thought it would be a good idea to try this, but now i got another funny problem: When i send a mail from outlook the body dissappears when im trying to read it with hwebmail :roll: The problem i had with 2.0 is now gone...

hmailserver is installed on c:\program files\hmailserver
PHPwebmail is located in c:\foxserv\www\PHPwebmail

Whats wrong ?

I`m sorry about my bad english :)

Posted: 2004-07-20 07:30
by polarunion
1: download the latest hmailserver.
2: squirrelmail is better for your use...

download the hmailserver squirrelmail mod and follow the directions.. you'll be a happy camper..


Posted: 2004-07-20 08:22
by martin
Woha. Someone is really using 2.0? You should really upgrade to the latest version and use squirrelmail instead as polarunion suggested. :)

hWebMail isn't supported any more, since it was just stupid to have a own webmail system when there are other great open source webmail already availible...

Posted: 2004-07-20 15:29
by Yoshy
I have allready upgraded to the latest version of hmailserver !

I`ll try squirrelmail 8)

Posted: 2004-07-20 15:41
by Yoshy
WOW, squirrelmail rules !!


Easy setup, no problems whatsoever !

thanks alot