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question: what happens when "Lost connection[nl]"

Posted: 2004-07-13 09:17
by polarunion
I'm trying to send mail to a particular server that seems to be taking a long time in accepting one of my messages containing a program that is 3.1mb.

I'm on my third attempt. Both first attempts resulted in a hanging email program that did not seem to be doing anything and I recieved

"SENT: 421 Lost connection[nl]"

in my logs.

I'm guessing 1 - the message was never fully sent - but is the message going to stick around in the data folder?

Posted: 2004-07-13 10:16
by martin
Under some circumstances, "Lost connection" could leave a message in the data folder in versions earlier than 3.2.1 and the email wouldn' be delivered. If this happens in 3.2.1, hMailServer should reschedule the email for later delivery. (This is documented in the change log).

About your email client hanging. Are you delivering directly from your email client to the slow email server? Or is there a hmailserver inbetween?

Posted: 2004-07-13 14:20
by polarunion
i'm not quite sure. i was using SM with assp installed. It just wasn't going to go through. It was late and I know I have a virus scanner running around tha time so that could have been it. I'm not worried because it's the first time that's really happened since things have been working better after your mods.. however - would it still deliver even though it sent a partially uploaded email? I close SM after about 3 minutes after being tired of it loading.

Posted: 2004-07-13 15:05
by mcampbell
sounds like the same problem I have where Norton AV closes the connection before the message is accepted. (local spam-> not spam mail only) I never have gotten that fixed...