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How to restore hmailserver after format?

Posted: 2004-06-29 02:29
by polarunion
I've been trying to restore hmailserver on another computer as a fresh installation.

I want to import all mysql and hmailserver data.

As of yet, I have not been able to get it to execute. I've run into issues where I cannot connect to the database.

Here's what I did.
1. Uninstalled the old hmailserver - leaving just the mysql and the data folders
2. Copied those over to the new system and placed them in the default C:/program files/hmailserver folder
3. Installed the same server - build 25 on the new machine and selected -update database.

It goes to update the database and it says updating database version 1 to 3.2 - then says that the database is too old and that it can't convert it.

Any ideas on how to get this working. I've been having a lot of problems lately and wondering if there might be some other things on my machine that might be causing them. Format is the only way to go.

Cheers, Pat

Posted: 2004-12-31 16:47
by polarunion
just going to bump this one. I've managed to do ok up till now. I've since recieved a virus and i have not cured it. anyone know how this can be done?

Posted: 2004-12-31 16:58
by martin
I would do like this:

ComputerA - Old computer
ComputerB - New computer

1) On ComputerA, connect to the MySQL database and do an export of all data in the hMailServer database.
2) Install same build of hMailServer on ComputerB.
3) Copy the Data folder from ComputerA to ComputerB.
4) On ComputerB, import the export created in Step 1.

If you do it like this, it should work fine, right?

Edit: The next version of the server (not counting 3.4) will have instructions and utilities to make proper backups/restore of databases...

Posted: 2004-12-31 17:52
by polarunion
Good stuff. Thanks Mart.

I'm in the process. I'll let you know how it goes.

I've noticed that you have the latest phpbb set up, but incase there are others out there that have not updated thier php or phpbb board lately, it turns out that the server was made vulnerable by an out of date php and one of my virtualservers had a phpbb older than the current 2.011.

just because one of my users used an out of date phpbb, it made the entire system vulnerable. This however, could have been avoided if I had the up to date php.

this is no joke. this exploit has completely derailed my system, whiping all .html .php .asp etc. with a generic webpage that states

Webworm Generation #

That is my fault for not keeping up with updates as I should be doing diligently at least once a week or at least once every two.

It would avoid me from having to spend an entire day on this and pissing off many of my users.

I'll have this back online shortly with the sm mod available.

Posted: 2004-12-31 17:54
by martin
You don't say. I told you that in the end of this thread:


Posted: 2004-12-31 17:57
by polarunion
more at the php site

Posted: 2004-12-31 18:36
by polarunion
man. i hate it when that happens. yeah i missed that last message.

hm is busy these days. can't even keep up with all the latest posts.

Posted: 2004-12-31 20:24
by TheAngryPenguin
Anyone running services accessible from the public Internet should subscribe to the applicable mailing lists. It's important not to forget about scripts like whatever CMS you may be using, Gallery, etc., and obviuosly phpBB. Another great resource is SecurityFocus' Bugtraq.


Speaking of which, do you have any plans to use the mailing list(s) availble at

Posted: 2005-01-15 05:05
by theTerran
Speaking of which, do you have any plans to use the mailing list(s) availble at
OK, that's pretty OT for this thread, but I'll bite! That's one of the main things on my list that I want to have accomplished with a mail server. Some of them are as follows:
  • - advanced message handling options (filtering/regulating/whatever) with user-definable pattern matching and actions
    - easy integration with any antivirus product that supports command-line use and has published return/error codes
    - robust mailing list support either built-in or with 3rd-party app (see ezmlm for example)
    - ability to act as front/back-end mail server, and as backup MX
...and a few other things. Martin is doing a bang-up job of making these things happen (right now he's heavy into advanced message handling), and making me very happy. Just reading the forums, I see that others are also excited about the continued growth of this great project.

Posted: 2005-01-15 07:19
by TheAngryPenguin
Actually, I meant: was Martin planning on activating SF's 'mailman' mailing list so that we can be notified via e-mail when a new build is available, etc. -- as opposed to implementing SF's mailing list into hMS.

Posted: 2005-01-15 18:26
by theTerran
Oh! :oops:

Well, that's what I get for writing with my brain disconnected. I think I've got it plugged back in this morning...