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Migration to new environment MS SQL - errors HM4208 HM5519

Posted: 2019-09-20 14:53
by paugustyn
Previous cinfiguration - Win 2008 + hms 5.6.7-B2425 + MSQL CE;
and last wekend the system migrated to new environment with Windows 2016.
Fresh installation: Windows 2016, MS SQL 2017 Express, hms latest version.
I restored configuration and domains from backup, copy Data folder to new environment and by the Data Directory Synchronizer i imported mails to DB fresh.

Clients (Outlook) connect over IMAP/SMTP and occurs problem with synchronization with the hms.
Sometimes on clients (outlook) didn't show all emails
Clients connect over IMAP/SMTP.

Now in logs i receive many errors of this kind:
"ERROR" 3264 "2019-09-20 13:37:51.803" "Severity: 2 (High), Code: HM4208, Source: ExceptionHandler::Run, Description: An error occured while executing 'IOCPQueueWorkerTask', Message: bad allocation"
"ERROR" 3264 "2019-09-20 13:37:52.163" "Severity: 1 (Critical), Code: HM5519, Source: StackLogger::Log, Description: An error has been detected. A mini dump has been written to D:\hMailServer\Logs\minidump_2019-09-20 133751_{08C5BED6-25C2-46D0-B0AA-B1FDDB0B7C2A}.dmp"

Any idea what is wrong and how i can fix it.

Re: Migration to new environment MS SQL - errors HM4208 HM5519

Posted: 2019-09-20 17:30
by Dravion
Check your RAM Memory with Memtest86+

"Bad allocation" is a Memory Module Hardware Error.

It can occur but it only pop's up if the faulty Memory cell in you RAM Chip is accessed
by Windows.

There is no other Solution than replacing your faulty RAM Modules.

Re: Migration to new environment MS SQL - errors HM4208 HM5519

Posted: 2019-09-24 23:31
by paugustyn
This is virtual machine so i don't think so a problem with RAM but i moved virtual machine to another host.
Now I deep have been investigating and when the Outlook client has problem with synchronization by imap protocol on hms in logs many times was occuring this errors:
Code: HM5062, Source: IMAPFetch::ReportCriticalError_, Description: ERROR HM10001 - IMAP FETCH: Error when loading MIME message.
Code: HM5136, Source: TCPConnection::AsyncReadCompleted, Description: An error occured while parsing data. Data length: 998.

In one day for example this error occured 500 times
A problem concerns during sychronziation big size of emails.
I disabled AV on os system , checked limit on mailbox.
Any idea what is wrong.
On old hms the problem wasn't occuring with this size of emails?