(help) multi domain

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(help) multi domain

Post by leesauran » 2019-06-15 07:48

Dear All,

I have a few domain let say: AA.com , BB.com
before change to public static , i used noip.com (ab.no-ip.biz)for both mx record
so on local hostname hmail server i can writedown "ab.no-ip.biz" and setup to client smtp with that name

now when i use dedicated server , each domain have each mx ( mail.AA.com & mail.BB.com)
how to make 1 local hostname hmailserver ?? or leave blank

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Re: (help) multi domain

Post by jim.bus » 2019-06-15 08:20

I will take a stab at what I believe you are asking. My understanding of what you want is.

You are stating you believe Domain AA.com should have an MX Record pointing to mail.AA.com and BB.com should have an MX Record pointing to mail.BB.com.

You want both Domains to use only the one hMailServer so that the one hMailServer services both AA.com and BB.com

If my understanding of what you want is correct, you are making it too complicated. The MX Record of AA.com and the MX Record of BB.com can point to the same hMailServer hostname (let's say in your example ab.no-ip.biz - now a Public Static IP Address). I do this in my own system. I have three domains and they all point to the same hMailServer hostname which services all three Domains in the one hMailServer service. You do need to remember to set up individual SPF Text records in the DNS for each Domain which indicates that hMailServer's hostname is authorized to send email for AA.com and BB.Com but there is no problem having each MX Record point to the same hMailServer hostname.

If you have to insist on using mail.AA.com and mail.BB.com for each Domain, it is still simple you just make sure that mail.AA.com and mail.BB.com both point to the same IP Address or in your example ab.no-ip.biz which presumably points to the IP Address your hMailServer is running on. I believe you stated though ab-no-ip.bis was converted to a Public Static IP Address which is perfectly OK.

This is essentially the same thing as I believe you were already doing before you converted to the Public Static IP Address. The method should be the same as you were already doing.

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Re: (help) multi domain

Post by mattg » 2019-06-16 01:13

This bit is correct
jim.bus wrote:
2019-06-15 08:20
The MX Record of AA.com and the MX Record of BB.com can point to the same hMailServer hostname
aa.com >> MX record = mail.example.com
bb.com >> MX record = mail.example.com

Where mail.example.com has an A record that points to your public IP address

This is how Outlook.com and gmail both handle domain hosting. It is what we all do.
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