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SSL / TLS does not work

Posted: 2019-03-18 21:02
by Sbaksh
Hi, I enable SSL / TLS on the Hmail server and it does not work, do i have to open a port in the firewall?


Re: SSL / TLS does not work

Posted: 2019-03-19 00:31
by jim.bus
What do you mean by you enabled SSL/TLS on hMailServer and it doesn't work?

Depending on what you could mean by this statement, it is not sufficient to Enable SSL/TLS as in addition to Enabling SSL/TLS, you have to go to the various TCP/IP Ports and tell hMailServer to use the SSL/TLS which means you also need to have Security Encryption Certificates installed into hMailServer, Certificates such as you might generate from Let's Encrypt which are free Security Encryption Certificates.

You should look at the Help facility where it explains how to set up the Security Certificates to use SSL/TLS.

Re: SSL / TLS does not work

Posted: 2019-03-19 01:46
by mattg
As jim.bus says you haven't given us much to go on

After researching a bit, run this and post the results >> viewtopic.php?f=20&t=30914