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Double mail in outlook

Posted: 2019-02-26 11:50
by gtsolid
Good morning sirs,
i have several outlook configured with my hmailserver but, in one of them, i can notice all mail are saved doubled under "send items".
I think it's a strange behavior, do you have any suggestions?

Re: Double mail in outlook

Posted: 2019-02-26 12:22
by Dravion
First check if the same Email Account shows the same behavior from a diffrent Computer with Outlook installed on it.

If not, Uninstall Outlook/Office completely, run CCCleaner Registry Scan and fix corrupt registry entries, repeat the registry scan again and fix again and repeat it until no Registry errors are shown anymore. Perform also the remove unecesarry file scan to erase any Temp files which could be linked with Outlook.

If you can, Remove/Delete the Windows User Account from the problematic Computer, login in with a local Windows Admin account and delete the Userprofile folder of the deleted Windows user.

After this, rejoin the Computer into your Active Directory and configure the Windows/Active Directory User Account as if its a new Computer, joining your Domain and Install Office/Outlook again
and make sure your Windows Updatesettings cover
Other Updates then Windows as well and update Windows and Office to the latest Patchlevel with Windows Update all together and restart if asked.

Try again and check for double listed Sent items in your Outlook Inbox.