Receive Virus mail to unknown user.

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Receive Virus mail to unknown user.

Post by aklryan » 2005-11-28 08:33


Recently my hmail often recevie mail sending to unknown user. Moreover, the mails contain virus which my clamAV detect it and get delete. I learn through from Virus Alert notification that the recipent is an unknown user but using my domain name.

I got some alert from Trend Micro where mention WORM_MYTOB.MX is spreading.

1) Is there a way to prevent the worms from getting into my hmail? I did a
scan on my hmail, nothing detect.
2) How come unknown recipent use my domain can get in?
3) My catch -all already deactivated.

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Post by martin » 2005-11-28 13:14

1) What do you mean? If you configure hMailServer to use a virus scanner, and that virus scanner an detect the virus, hMailServer will remove the virus
2) Depends on what you mean with "unknown recipient". Where do you see this? Are you looking in the log? What does the log say?

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