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Changing Server - back up and restore

Posted: 2017-03-24 20:43
by janrev15

I will be transferring my hmailserver to a new server. However, the total file size is more than 15GB. According to the built-in backup utility i need to use an external tool.

Is it possible for me to just simply backup just the domains and settings then manually copy/paste the hmail data folder to the new server.


Re: Changing Server - back up and restore

Posted: 2017-03-24 21:26
by jimimaseye
Install latest 5.6.6 production on the new server.

Upgrade your current (old) server to latest 5.6.6 (to ensure all is ok).

Then upgrade the OLD server to this beta: ... 06-x86.exe ("login as GUEST" if necessary).

Run the INTERNAL BACKUP (ticking ALL boxes incl. compress). This will allow the backup as the 15GB restriction has been removed in this version. DO NOT use this version 5.7 for anything else on a production system as it is untested. (although its probably ok but its your own risk and not advisable).

Then restore from that backup file in to the new server (5.6.6).

(If you want you can install 5.6.6 back on to the old server if you want to continue production running on the old server).