Move to new Database >> Question

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Move to new Database >> Question

Post by rafal.biel » 2016-07-26 20:01

Hello i have a question

Right now my hMailServer instance is on built in database.
I've bought licence to MS SQL Server and i want migrate my old database to new server.

My question is :

Have anyone make this operation, or can you help me to transfer it ??

What i have done.
Only install of MS SQL SERVER EXPRESS 2008 R2 and open database in Managment Studio

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Re: Move to new Database >> Question

Post by percepts » 2016-07-26 20:40

you use hmailservers own backup procedure in utilities/backup and tick all options including compress.

That produces a zipped file with everything in it including the full database contents in xml format so it isn't database server dependant. It also includes a full copy of your data folder.

It does not include your hmailserver.ini file and any other bits and pieces such as eventlogs.vbs and other scripts so make sure you also backup all those other bits including any certs you have and logs you want to keep.

Then I would uninstall hmailserver and delete all installation folders and especally hmailserver.ini.

Then re-install exact same version of hmail server as old version but this time specify MS SQL during the install.
And use same hmailserver administrator password as old one just to be sure.
Then make sure you have put all saved scripts etc back and that you edit hmailserver.ini to use any special settings you had in old setup.
Then use hmailserver utitlities/restore to put your data into new db which also restores your data folder.

should be trouble free providing you don't have too much data.


if you are wanting to upgrade to latest version of hmailserver either do it before you do the conversion to MS SQL or after but NOT between backup and restore.

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Re: Move to new Database >> Question

Post by mattg » 2016-07-27 00:56

percepts wrote:you use hmailservers own backup procedure in utilities/backup and tick all options including compress.
This bit is VERY important
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