SA-update problem

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SA-update problem

Post by bagu » 2016-07-19 23:42


Since a while, i get this message :

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juil. 19 23:39:21.874 [6860] dbg: http: url:
juil. 19 23:39:21.883 [6860] dbg: http: downloading to: D:\SpamAssassin\share\3.004001\updates_spamassassin_org\1750237.tar.gz.sha1, update
juil. 19 23:39:21.909 [6860] dbg: util: executable for curl.exe was found at D:\wamp\apache\bin\curl.exe
juil. 19 23:39:21.918 [6860] dbg: http: D:\wamp\apache\bin\curl.exe -s -L -O --remote-time -g --max-redirs 2 --connect-timeout 30 --max-time 300 --fail -o \1750237.tar.gz.sha1 -z \1750237.tar.gz.sha1 -4 --
juil. 19 23:39:22.477 [6860] dbg: http: process [-4436], exit status: exit 0
http: (curl.exe) GET, success
juil. 19 23:39:22.493 [6860] dbg: sha1: verification wanted: b568bd7c28a4e8f5b757677bfbcc8def56765bd9
juil. 19 23:39:22.503 [6860] dbg: sha1: verification result: 958d4240a44da31acb0db3f6b21a9d995731eff4
channel: SHA1 verification failed, channel failed
So, no uptade of spamassassin is installed.
Why ? And how can i correct this please ?

hMailServer 5.6.8 With SpamAssassin 3.4.2

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Re: SA-update problem

Post by mattg » 2016-07-20 00:40

I'd ask why the SHA1 hash is incorrect on the SA update that they supply
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