EHLO with only LF (instead of CRLF) does not work

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EHLO with only LF (instead of CRLF) does not work

Post by chrisK67 » 2016-02-28 11:31

Hi all!

Here is our setup:
We have installed hMailServer 5.6.4-B2283.
We have an automation server sending mails on certain events.

What happens:
hMailServer just stops after sending the welcome message, waiting for the EHLO xxxx\r\n command.
"DEBUG" 7988 "2016-02-28 10:28:03.351" "Creating session 3"
"TCPIP" 7988 "2016-02-28 10:28:03.351" "TCP - connected to"
"DEBUG" 7988 "2016-02-28 10:28:03.366" "TCP connection started for session 1"
"SMTPD" 7988 1 "2016-02-28 10:28:03.366" "" "SENT: 220 Hello buddy! :-)"

The problem:
Our automation server has a bug: it sends only \n after the EHLO / HELO command and there is no way to change this!

What we did:
We checked the RFC compliance box 'Allow incorrectly formatted line endings', but this does not help!

Is there any other way (script or else) to get hMailServer accepting those mails?

With kind regards from Vienna / Austria


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