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Awstats not logging soft bounces

Posted: 2015-03-13 06:11
by deweyzeph
Hi there

I've got awstats logging enabled on several Hmailserver instances. The problem I'm having is that the Awstats log file only ever contains bounces with code 550 and successful deliveries with code 250. I never see any other type of delivery failure code in the log file like soft bounces with 4xx codes. In fact I never see any other type of hard bounce either like 530, for example. Basically I only ever see 250 or 550 status codes. Is this normal? I cross checked the Awstats log file with the SMTP log file and it looks like soft bounces with 4xx codes are being logged as hard bounces with code 550 in the Awstats log file.

I'm using version 5.6.1 on all my servers.