How do I block access via webmail site

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How do I block access via webmail site

Post by bcpaul » 2014-07-17 23:40

How do I block users from accessing their email through Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. I only want them to be able to access the mail server directly and not able to create an account in Hotmail (or others) and send/receive from there.

ALLOWED: Using Outlook, Thunderbird or other locally installed app to send/receive emails from the local network or internet.
NOT ALLOWED: Sending receiving email via Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

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Re: How do I block access via webmail site

Post by percepts » 2014-07-18 00:12

hmail admin / settings / advanced / ip ranges

by using a combination of ip numbers and whether deliveries are allowed, you can control from where you can send/receive emails.

Note PRIORITY. higher numbers take priority.

so if you create a range that covers your lan range and allows deliveries and give it a priority of 30.
Then change internet deliveries to only allow deliveries from external to local, then your users will only be able to send mail from your lan. Also untick POP and and IMAP on internet range so users won't even be able to read email from outside of your lan.


if its only specific webmail providers you want to block then you will need to find out their ip-ranges and set them up without allowing any deliveries or smtp/pop/imap.

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