hMailServer Administrator Observations

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hMailServer Administrator Observations

Post by Nobox » 2005-09-06 10:27


After using hMailServer for a few days now, and I have a few observations with the GUI.

1. If you set Multihoming to use selected IP's and select "TCP/IP addresses below" when you move to another item in the GUI and back to multihoming again "All TCP/IP addresses" is selected and the IP's added are listed. If you change it back to "TCP/IP addresses below" and move to another item you get asked to save changes.

2. If you add a new IP to Multihoming the icon for the form is the standard Visual Basic icon and you maximise the form. :)

3. If you start live logging in status, and then move to another item like domains and then go back to logging in status it has stopped. It can sort of see why it might be like this, but it would be nice to maybe ask the user if they want it to stop or not.

4. In the list view on the logging tab of status, you can edit the information in the "Type" column.

5. On the list of undelivered messages, it would be nice to be able to right click and select “Retry now”.

6. PHPWebAdmin - Under the Plugins node its says "Seach for email" and the title of the page is the same. I think it's missing an "r".

My C/C++ programming is not good enough to be able to look in to any of these at the moment, however I am working on it. :)

I would like to help with the project, so if there is anything I can do please let me know.



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