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Rules and how they work

Posted: 2012-11-14 17:33
by bescher
Hi all:
I asked this once before. But I am getting hammered so
I have this domain called

First I have "Use Or"
then from field "From"
"contains" "Value" *
it matches the test vakue
and then ubder actions i tell it to delete mail

It's not working, Graylisting which I have set at 45 minutes but it's over and over again
I am also getting thngs such as (whatever meaning different domains and different IP address)
I use the same criteria as above with the exception being that
from field will contain (again whatever meaning different domains and ip address
delete mail

Neither one is working
I am on
hmail vesion 5.4-b1931 on a windows 2003 server


Re: Rules and how they work

Posted: 2012-11-14 18:22
by ^DooM^
Don't use an * if you are using contains. Also check the SMTP logs. That isj the FROM it matches against, not the FROM in the header of the email.