about outlook express login

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about outlook express login

Post by jay6666 » 2012-08-22 03:53


for example, I own the domain abc.com and set the account john

before I use the hmailserver

I use the account 'john-abc.com' and my password to login the outlook express

but it is not work now

the hmailserver just seems to accept 'john@abc.com' to login

could anyone find a way to help me for solve it ? thanks .

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Re: about outlook express login

Post by mattg » 2012-08-22 04:11

jay6666 wrote:the hmailserver just seems to accept 'john@abc.com' to login
Yes that is correct

It will accept 'john' if you set the default domain as 'abc.com' (but this may also increase your spam)
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