Domains treated as Local

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Domains treated as Local

Post by Infodine » 2012-06-11 17:30


Here is the scenario:

I have several domains in Hmailserver. One of those domains is a backup
server, it is #2 in the MX records.

What is happening is if someone from one of the domains on the server
emails the one domain that is a backup, it doesn't go to the #1 MX
record for that domain but delivers it directly because it is treating
it as local.

I hope I explained it clearly enough. How can I force Hmailserver to
not deliver direct to a local domain without checking the mx record and
delivering it properly?

Thanks so much. I did search "local domain" but the words turn up too
frequently on the threads for search to work.


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Re: Domains treated as Local

Post by ^DooM^ » 2012-06-11 23:46

Setup a route for that domain and point it at the main server.
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