Mail Forwarding to list not working

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Mail Forwarding to list not working

Post by jaiarvixe » 2012-02-29 14:26


I have created a email account and one distribution list. I have added the distribution list as the forwarder to the email account and I have chose the option not to keep the original message in the inbox. However the message is being retained in the Inbox.

Can anyone suggest how could I achieve the required purpose. I just want the emails sent to my mailbox to the distribution list I have created. They should not be retained in my inbox.

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Re: Mail Forwarding to list not working

Post by ^DooM^ » 2012-02-29 14:43

Try using an account rule instead of the forward functionality.

If message size > 0

Forward to
delete email

I think the reason it is not removed with the forward is because the distribution list is not an actual mailbox. Give the rule a tray anyways.
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