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Symantec antivirus & ClamWin together

Posted: 2005-07-19 05:15
by irblue
hMailServer : 4.0-B125
ClamWin : 0.86.1
Symantec antivirus : 8.00.9374

The machine I'm setting up have a Symantec antivirus, it seems when email with virus received by hmailserver, the email got caught by Symantec antivirus realtime scanning before hMailServer can scan the email with ClamWin, as a result, the recipient did not get notified that a email was not delivered to him.

Anyone have experience how to setup hmailsever & ClamWin to do the first tier scanning (have notification to user) and Norton to provide final protection ?

Thanks in advance.

Posted: 2005-07-20 11:32
I think that the only way is to disable real time protection.

I don't use symantec antivirus for a while as it need too much ressource, and I'm sure your computer will appreciate if you do the same thing with it. If your computer is mainly used as a server, you should not need another antivirus than clamwin as the only way virus come should be from mail and so automaticly detected thank's to hMailServer and Clamwin.

Symantec Corporate 9.0

Posted: 2005-12-19 20:00
by maverick
I am unsuccessfull at getting clamwin to scan zip attachments so I am attempting to get symantec to work. when the eicar infected message comes through it returns 0. also when sending a normal message it returns a 0.

What is the solution to block infected zip files

I have hmail 4.1.1