Hmail Win 2008 AKA Permission Hell

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Hmail Win 2008 AKA Permission Hell

Post by JuggalotusHeat » 2011-10-18 10:18

Had another post where I got the database finally pointing to the right dir. However, now I'm facing permission issues in 2k8. When I connect to the new hmail server everything shows up but all the emails are blank and the time/date are all the same. Can anyone help me out on what permissions I need to set on 2k8 and how the hell they got them to apply to all the subfolders and .eml files?

Thanks Guys

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Re: Hmail Win 2008 AKA Permission Hell

Post by prisma » 2011-10-18 11:51

Whats your setup? Were are the files located? Local or on a share? In which user context is hmailservice started? Please provide more information.

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Re: Hmail Win 2008 AKA Permission Hell

Post by agserna » 2011-10-19 07:13


To set permission for MS SqlServer:

Go to SqlServer Configuration Manager, right click over "Sql Server" service and select "Properties". In "Log On" tab make sure that "Built-in account" is selected and Choose "Network Service" from DropDown list.

Select OK and restart the service.

Now go to the folder that contains the Database Files and grant access permission for "Network Service" User.

Permission for Hmail server Folders.

In my setup i have permission to hmailserver's folders granted for:
Creator owner
System (full control)
Network Service (full control)
Users (Read&Execute, List folder contents, Read)


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