gandi ssl certificat on hmailserver

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gandi ssl certificat on hmailserver

Post by sbouli » 2010-10-26 10:38


I try to setup the SSL certificat provided by but I am stuck with this help extract :
Purchasing a SSL certificate generally includes the following steps:

1. You generate a private key, using OpenSSL.
2. You generate a certificate signing request, using OpenSSL.
3. You remove the password key from the private key.
4. You order a certificate from the certificate authority and provide them with the certificate signing request
5. The certificate authority sends the certificate to you.
6. You configure hMailServer to use the private key and SSL certificate.

I don't remember using a private key to setup the gandi certificat, so now, I just got a crt file but no private key ... I am not super confident using openssl, i am kind of a dummy with ssl and crypting.

The aim is to obtain a secure connexion for my hmailserver user, but with no assle, as some of them got alert by their iphone about non secure connexion ...

I am using hmailserver 5.3.2-B1769

Thanks for any help or hints ...


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