Mail box size in PHPWebAdmin diff from hMailServer Admin

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Mail box size in PHPWebAdmin diff from hMailServer Admin

Post by aklryan » 2005-05-18 12:39


I am new to hmail. Still in my trial period, I have succesfully setup my PHPWebAdmin. But i have notice some different in the mail box size from PHPWebAdmin and hMailServer Adminsitrator.
For Example:

1) I set 30000 (in Kb) in hMailServer Administrator. Mean 30MB right
2) When I go in to PHPWebAdmin, I notice my mail box size is 30000000
(in kb).

Anyone has notice this? Please Advise. Is it some typo error?

hMail 3.41 Build 86
PHP 5.04
mySQL from hMail 3.4.1 (think should be 3.4.1 also)
Apache 2.0.54

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Post by martin » 2005-05-25 21:28

Yes, that's a typo error in PHPWebAdmin. You should rely on the value in hMailAdmin. The error has been fixed in 4.0.

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