Directly deleting/replacing files from the user account data

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Directly deleting/replacing files from the user account data

Post by mikew » 2009-02-11 10:09


can hMailserver "tolerate" the situation when mail files referenced in the database are deleted or replaced by other files, without updating the database?

Background: We have the situation that viruses that were not detecteable when they got delivered are now sleeping in the IMAP folders of some users and just waiting to be activated. A scheduled virus scan over the hMailserver Data directory can reveal such time bombs. A very simple solution would be to replace the infected mail file by a message saying that the actual mail is in some kind of quarantine. Is this allowed without modifying the database? Any "unforseen consequences"?

To directly touch the database is something I am not really feeling comfortable with; that's why I try to avoid it.

I also looked for a way to use the COM API for my problem but there seems to be no API to relate the GUID file number {XXX-XXX....} the virus scanner provides in its report to the mail ID required by the Messages collection...

Of course, any suggestions for other solutions are always welcome!


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Re: Directly deleting/replacing files from the user account data

Post by ^DooM^ » 2009-02-11 10:22

hMail will send the recipient an email saying the file no longer exists.
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