folders for each domain

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folders for each domain

Post by jp_reed » 2009-02-03 20:38

Hi, when I first installed hMailServer it gave the option to have each domain in a separate folder. Initially, I had it running fine, but I wanted to change the database and ran into all sorts of problems that caused me to reinstall. However, when reinstalling, I was not given the option to put each domain in a separate folder. Is there a way to manually set this option? Or will I need to uninstall and remove some registry keys or something before reinstalling?


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Re: folders for each domain

Post by Bram » 2009-02-04 07:39


As far as i know there is no option like that. Messages are always put in "domain"-folders. And in the domainfolders there are max 256 other folders. Why? Performance! Alle messages in one folder is getting performance issues with lot of emails
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