Hmail running on MSCS - 2 VM's

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Hmail running on MSCS - 2 VM's

Post by humpadilly » 2010-10-18 00:38

Hello Everyone,

I would just like to share some info on my MSCS experience & hMailserver.

I have installed hMail on Active / Passive cluster configuration, I migrated from 1 VM install to 2 VM's running cluster.

My Install:

hMailServer 5.3.3 - Build 1879 (MySQL - original install was ver 4.X)
W2K8 32bit
2 VM's running on ESXi 4.0
NFS Storage

Installed on both server to C:\Program Files\hmailserver - With a Junction to the Cluster drive so that I didn't have to update the database with the new path for the emails.
Dependencies are:

1). Cluster Data drive
2). hmailserverMySQL Service
Cluster Data drive
3). hmailserver Service
hmailserverMySQL Service
4). HmailServerClusterIP
Cluster Data drive
hmailserverMySQL Servic
hmailserver Service

Works well for a fail over with down time of seconds!!


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