easy way to find a specific message?

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easy way to find a specific message?

Post by associates » 2007-10-26 06:27


wonder if i could get some help on this. Is there an easy way of finding a specific e-mail message that's already got stored in the Data folder?. I normally do a backup of the data folder onto a separate external hard disk. Today, i was asked to retrieve a particular email message that has been deleted from the person's inbox. I spent more than two hours looking into those folders under the person's account folder and couldn't find it (but there's still more folders to look into).

Maybe this is not an efficient way. Hence I'm more than happy to hear anyone's feedback.

BTW, i'm using HMailserver 4.4 B270 on windows XP Pro

Thank you in advance

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Post by ^DooM^ » 2007-10-26 11:54

Doing a text search for the incoming email address will narrow down your search significantly.

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