Certify automatic ssl certificate and renewal

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Certify automatic ssl certificate and renewal

Post by alescan » 2019-11-20 18:18

Hi everyone,
I recentrly discovered https://certifytheweb.com/ (The SSL Certificate Manager for Windows, powered by Let's Encrypt) and made a simple script to automatize the renewal process.
You only have to modify the crt and key path and set it in the post-request script page of the program.

Code: Select all

$latest = $result.ManagedItem.CertificatePath
openssl pkcs12 -in $latest -out E:\path\to\private\key\public.key -nocerts -nodes -passin pass:
openssl pkcs12 -in $latest -out E:\path\to\public\crt\public.crt -nokeys -passin pass:
Restart-Service -Name hMailServer -Force
Hope can help some of you!

HMS 5.6.7 B2425 on Win Server 2016 Standard with SQL Server 2014 SP2

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