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HMS plus Calendar and contacts sync between outlook and phone / tablet

Posted: 2016-06-29 11:07
So this is probably a grey area for a how-to since its not strictly about HMS but it does provide an enhancement to HMS users that got me out of a situation I had recently and might not suit everyone because it uses Outlook and a Gmail account.

HMS being an IMAP server doesnt really have any contacts or calendar syncing which is normal and as per the IMAP protocol.

If you are using Outlook as a mail client with HMS (which many of us are) and have a gmail account (which anyone can) you can use this (free) sync tool to sync your local outlook calendar and contact items upto the google cloud and then back down to your Android or iPhone device to keep everything in sync between the desktop and the phone/ tablet. (Mail, contacts and calendar)

1. setup HMS and get mail working
2. create a gmail account or use existing
3. Install the above sync tool on the PC with outlook installed
4. connect your gmail account to your Android phone (easy)
4. connect gmail contacts to your iphone using "new account" "other" "gmail contacts"
and then same as above again except using "caldav" for the calendar items
5. Setup the sync tool which is pretty self explanatory (I set sync times to 30 mins)

now you have mail on your phone by connecting to the HMS server directly but you also have syncing calendar and contact items between your outlook desktop and phone via google.