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Posted: 2015-12-20 00:42
by jimimaseye
Here is a brief overview for reference for users who have a requirement to download INBOUND emails from an External email provider (by 'External Download'), and/or use an SMTP relay (another email provider or local ISP smtp server) to send OUTBOUND email (usually because port 25 is blocked by their ISP). You may be needing one of either or both solutions (depending on your personal circumstances).

In the example, I use 'YAHOO' as an example external email provider, and all ip addresses are invented and do not reflect reality - however the schematic is designed to show you the flow of an email and what is to be implemented. In reality you would need to replace all server names, domains and IPs with the true values suiting your circumstances and provided by your network and ISP/email provider. eg, "" might also be 'YAHOO.COM' (because you may wish to host your yahoo mail locally), or the external "" might be the same as "YOURDOMAIN.COM" (where it is being collected by an email host under your domain name).

In this set up, for configuring Hmailserver, you simply need to know the POP3 mail server name of your email host (for INBOUND mail), and the SMTP mail server for the relay (for OUTBOUND mail). In both cases you also need the usernames and passwords to authenticate to these servers.

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Further can be found in the documentation:
EXTERNAL DOWNLOADS: ... al_account
SMTP RELAY: ... otocolsmtp

Hope it helps.