Howto: Reset your DB-Password

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Howto: Reset your DB-Password

Post by Dravion » 2019-04-13 02:23

If you need to reset your hMailServer.ini DB-Password, use the utility attached below or download the Source code from Github
and compile it yourself.

How to use it:

01) Unzip and start hDBHasher.exe by doublelick
02) Type in your new Password in the field "New DB-Password"
03) Click Generate
04) Select and copy (STRG+C) the values in "Generated DB-Password hash"
05) Paste the copied value into hMailserver.ini after Password=
06) Login to your DB-Server and change your hMailServer DB-User Password to the same Password as shown in "New DB-Password
07) Stop/Start/Restart hMailServer Windows Server
08) Login into hMailServerAdmin with your old hMailServer Adminpassword, not your DB-Users Password

Step 1
Step 2
hDBHasher Download ... ag/
64-Bit builds of hMailserver

hMailServer-5.6.+ (HCD)
hMailServer-5.6.+ (LTS)

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