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Rule to alter mesage subject

Posted: 2019-07-28 10:54
by Pedja
I need to set rule that, if matches, alters Subject of message, nothing else.
The only way to do it that I could find involves scripting.

So here is feature request.

I need simple way to insert custom text before original Subject of message.

For general use, rule might use macro as something like "custom text %s" where %s would be replaced with original message subject.

It could be used for debugging purposes or notifying user about something else specific about message.

It is better than using scripting as it would be simpler to set and universal. Scripting requires to set new script function for each new rule.

Re: Rule to alter mesage subject

Posted: 2019-07-28 11:05
by jimimaseye
This will not happen.

Feature requests are generally considered as for something to be achieved that is currently not possible.

As you have already identified this is perfectly currently achievable with the versatile scripting engine that is deliberately designed to allow you to do this kind of thing. And in this case it works be doable in about 2 lines. (Not willing to learn how to use the product is not a real reason for asking to change the product).

Still, what do I know. :roll:

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Re: Rule to alter mesage subject

Posted: 2019-07-29 02:46
by mattg
ALSO, Do you have a question that can be voted on

All feature requests must have a question, and under normal circumstances higher votes means higher priorities.