LUA-Scripting integration

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LUA-Scripting integration

Post by Dravion » 2018-12-29 19:17

Ok, why in the World need we another Scripting Language?

VBScript is great, even JScript works :)

I know, bit VBScript is Windows bound and can be abdoned or deprecated like many other Microsoft Technologies in no time and
its not OpenSource so there is nothing we can do if Microsoft says: Its deprecated, use Powershell or Python or something else.

Ok, to stay independent we need a beginner friendly but powerfull lovely Scripting language.

Why not Python?
To be honest, i dont like it, because of this identation stuff. I like to format my Script as i want and dont
want to be forced to something plus its slow and gigantic, nothing your can simply embedd into something which exists

Why not Perl?
Its old, the Documentation and Tutorials are to and its overly compley and not verry well supported on Windows.
Lately i had to maintain a few Perl scripts and finding uptodate Infos, espacially for Windows was time consuming as hell.

Why LUA?
Its used in such kind of Projects trillion of times. In fact i was working for a Stockmarket Company and our Scripts
and Software was used in Trading and LUA works really well and even our Accountants and Girls like to do littke Macros
and Sripts with it.

LUA is OpenSource, invented by the Catholic Church of Brasil and really tiny.
As a Developer, i (or a diffrent Programmer) can add basic LUA Support to hMailServer in no time.

My 2 Cents on it.

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Re: LUA-Scripting integration

Post by mats » 2019-01-05 17:59

For some strange reason I do prefer powershell.
The core edition is open source under MIT licensing

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Re: LUA-Scripting integration

Post by prisma » 2019-01-22 13:45

No, it's not strange. Powershell is perfectly structured, flexible and extensible. Love powershell!

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